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Inside the Apple App Store

You will see many options to guide your game choice, here is the key information to look out for: 

Mobile games are designed for the purpose of entertainment. But that does not mean that all games are the same. Each game has its own style, content, and mechanics, and not every game will be for everyone.


That’s why we encourage all players, parents, carers, and guardians to seek as much information as possible before they start to play or download the game, most of which will be found in the app store.  


App stores are marketplaces for ‘apps’ and are the most common place to browse and download mobile games, whether for your phone or tablet. While all app stores serve the same purpose, it is important to bear in mind that they may differ in presentation.


To help you navigate your way through, we have created this visual walk through of what to look out for when downloading a game from the Apple App Store.

*To access the Apple App Store, you will need to have created an account already.

  • Age ratings: This indicates the minimum maturity level of the game’s content. 

  • Player reviews: Reviews from peers are honest and unbiased. 

  • How your data is used: Mobile games may collect data for a number of reasons, including to provide a tailored experience. 

  • Terms of Service: This is the legal agreement between you and the service provider.  

  • In-game purchases: Some games may be free to download and may contain in-game purchases.

  • In-game ads: Some games may feature advertisements within the game.

  • Customer support: You may need contact information to report something, ask how a game works, or ask for a refund.   

Step One:

When you open the Apple App Store, first navigate to the Games tab

App Store 1

You will then be able to scroll down and across to view the various different groupings of games....

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